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Questions to Ask Potential Welders Before Hiring Them for Your Manufacturing Processes

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If your processing and manufacturing business works primarily with metal supplies, likely, you will eventually need to hire a welder for one project or another. This form of metal fabrication is unique in the sense that once it is employed to join metals, the subsequent bonding is much stronger than when the metals were separated. In addition to the guaranteed strength that welding offers, it is also highly versatile since it can be can employed in a range of ways on a multitude of metal supplies. Nonetheless, when hiring a welder for your business, you need to ensure that you have contracted the right professional so that the quality of your products is not compromised. Below are three questions to ask potential welders before hiring them for your manufacturing processes.

What was your training?

Welding is a job that is carried out in hazardous conditions. The degree of heat utilised during the process should urge you to hire a professional rather than a self-taught individual. While there is nothing wrong with teaching oneself a skill, formal education not only means learning about the right welding practices but also gaining knowledge on the safety procedures that should be carried out if an accident happens. Choose a welder that has been awarded a certification as a safety precaution.

Do you have insurance?

As mentioned above, welding is a dangerous procedure. And while nobody anticipates a disaster happening, it is in your best interests to keep both your employees and industrial premises safe by hiring a welder that is insured. The first policy you should inquire about is general liability insurance. This form of insurance will ensure any damages to your property are paid for by the welder's insurance provider. The second policy you should inquire about is workers' compensation insurance to ensure that your business will not be liable for the medical costs of any welders that might become injured while working on your project.

Do you provide a warranty for the work?

The last thing you want when selling your metal products is customers returning them due to premature damage or ineffectiveness. Therefore, when hiring a welder, you need to ensure that the work they perform will be under warranty. Unsatisfactory products can end up damaging your reputation amongst your consumer base. So it is best to work with a welder that will ensure the highest quality work but will also rectify mistakes and replace damaged products as soon as possible.