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Two Tips for Those Who Need to Stock Up on Pallets for Their New Manufacturing Facility

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If you need pallets for your new manufacturing facility, you should follow the advice below when purchasing them.

Measure and weigh the items you plan to place on these pallets

Before ordering these products, you should gather together the approximate number of items you need to place on a single pallet and arrange them on the floor in the same way you would if they were on a pallet. Then, you should measure the overall dimensions of this collection of goods, after which you should place them all on a scale and total up their total weight.

Doing this will allow you to order pallets that are wide and long enough to hold the number of items you need to place on each of them at any one time. This, in turn, will mean your employees won't have to try to stuff items onto a pallet in a way that might result in these things tumbling off them. This should then reduce the number of expensive manufacturing goods that end up falling off these platforms and breaking.

Similarly, checking the total weight of the average number of goods you plan to put on these platforms will mean that you can buy ones that have the correct load-bearing capacity. This will ensure the longevity of the pallets, as their panels won't crack from being overloaded. This is important, as their breakage may disrupt your manufacturing facility's operations by preventing the transportation or storage of materials.

Consider colour-coding the ones you buy

Most wooden pallets are a plain brown colour. If this is the case with the ones you purchase, it might be a good idea to get a few small tins of paint so that you can colour-code them. For example, if you manufacture food products, you could paint the pallets that are used to store or transport raw ingredients a red colour and paint the ones that are used to hold the processed food products a blue colour. This could prevent the latter from being placed on pallets that were previously used to handle raw ingredients, which, in turn, could prevent them from being tainted with pathogens left behind by these ingredients.

If you'll be using pallets in different departments within the facility, colour-coding them will also ensure that those working in one of these departments will not be able to sneakily nab pallets from the other departments, as it will be immediately obvious which of these platforms belong in a particular part of your facility.