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6 Questions to Ask Before Buying the Right Weighbridge

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While weighbridges may seem simple to the common eye, their practical aspects in terms of technology and installations are far more complex. They must be highly-accurate and fit-for-purpose to function precisely. There are many types of weighbridges, including ones with above and underground foundations, semi-pit foundations, multiple deck combinations and portable foundations. Many factors will affect your weighbridge choice.

Therefore, before buying your new weighbridge, consider finding proper answers to these questions: 

What Vehicle Size Will You Weigh?   

Various weighbridges can accommodate different vehicle sizes and weights. Generally, you can find standard system types that will meet your requirements in terms of traffic volumes and vehicle weights. Some manufacturers can design custom weighbridges to meet your bespoke needs. It's thus essential to find the right weighbridge that can accommodate any size and weight of vehicle. 

Do You Prefer a Permanent or Mobile Type?

You will mostly find many weighbridges installed alongside concrete foundations permanently. However, some situations call for a mobile weighbridge option. For instance, if you are not the property owner, yet you need to use a weighbridge, going for a portable option is advantageous. Furthermore, if your projects are in everchanging locations, you must consider a mobile weighbridge. 

Where Will You Install It?

The site or location you'll install your weighbridge determines whether you'll choose the right type. For example, if there is limited space on your location, consider selecting a pit-type weighbridge. This way, your vehicles can load or unload on the platform in any direction. However, if you don't have space limitations or your location is susceptible to flooding, consider a surface-mounted weighbridge that has ramps for easier vehicle access. 

What is Your Operating Environment?

Weighbridges can operate in rough environments like mining sites. Therefore, whichever type you choose must be robust enough to withstand the harsh conditions and elements. 

Should You Choose a Steel or Concrete Platform?

Conventional steel weighbridge platforms are simple to install and highly customisable to meet your needs. However, concrete weighbridge platforms may be more durable, cheaper and have excellent longevity. You can choose both for surface-mounted or pit-type weighbridges per your needs. 

What are Your Use Intentions?   

Finally, in case you plan to use your weighbridge for buying or selling goods, it requires approval and licensing from the government. Additionally, you'll need to hire a licensed expert to test it using government-approved equipment. Moreover, you would also need to ensure the highest accuracy levels for your weighbridge.