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What's New in Air Compressor Models?

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Air compressor innovation has come a long way over the years. New features have been constantly added to make air compressors larger, more powerful and more reliable.

Newer designs feature smart controls, automatic temperature detection and durable compressors that operate in both hot and cold weather. Here are some exciting features you can expect to see when hiring air compressors in the future.

Bigger tank sizes

In the world of air compressors, bigger is almost always better. Larger tank sizes consume less energy and exert less of a strain on the compressor. A larger tank size also delivers more power, which means that stubborn debris can be blown off various surfaces while saving time.

The growing trend in air compressors is to install larger tank sizes. While this may limit portability, the performance benefits far outweigh having a smaller tank with a lower air capacity. Another interesting trend with larger tank sizes is that they can be fitted with various tools that facilitate your project. For example, the machine may come with a spray painting kit that you can use to apply coatings on surfaces with ease.

Overheating and overload protection

A common problem with air compressors is that they frequently experience overheating or overloading on the motor. This issue occurs because the motor may be overworked, or it may experience fluctuations in electric input/output while being used.

To prevent this issue, newer air compressor models use thermal protection features to limit overheating. Thermal protection works by allowing more air to circulate through the motor. Some machines also have custom-made cooling fans or blades that keep the motor at a specific temperature. The end result is a longer-lasting motor that performs at a high level.   

More advanced smart features

Smart technology in air compressors is nothing new. Many previous models were capable of sending and receiving signals from detached control units. However, updated smart features are more reliable and advanced.

Not only can you turn the compressor on and off, but you can also set and monitor pressure levels, receive auto-generated performance reports and implement predictive maintenance. Signal quality has also been improved, meaning that you can control the machine from a farther distance.

Convenient oil level control

Have you ever run out of oil at the most inconvenienct times? If so, you will love the new oil gauge features that are installed in the latest air compressor models. These oil gauges have a quick viewing metre that you can use to get an immediate reading.

To learn more about the available options, contact a company that offers compressor hire services.