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3 Useful Features to Look for in a Telescopic Flagpole

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Telescopic flagpoles have some benefits over traditional designs. However, not all telescopic products have the same features. To get a flagpole that does its job and requires minimal work or maintenance on your part, look for the following features.

1. No Internal Parts

Some flagpoles contain parts and fittings inside the pole itself. Internal fixtures are kept safe inside the pole — they don't have to deal with the elements, environmental conditions and tampering — but this can be a pain for you if something goes wrong.

If you can do repairs or maintenance work yourself, you'll have to get to the problem part. This isn't always easy. Also, you won't necessarily be able to access all parts. You'll have to bring in a flagpole repair specialist.

Some telescopic flagpoles don't have internal working parts. You won't have to get inside the pole if something goes wrong with it. Any repairs you do have to make will be easier.

2. A Twist-Locking System

Some telescopic flagpoles use a spring-based locking mechanism. Springs help the individual parts of the pole lock into place. While this system works, it can cause problems down the line. These springs are often metal and can rust. They can jam and break when this happens. If a spring breaks, its section of the pole won't open or lock. You'll have to repair or replace the spring. It's a better idea to look for flagpoles that have a twist-locking mechanism. These systems don't use springs; you simply twist each section to lock it into place.

3. Flag Rings That Fully Rotate

The rings that hold a flag on your pole affect how effectively the flag flies. Some rings are fixed in place or have limited movement. These rings don't allow the flag to swing freely. The flag might wrap around the pole on a windy day; it's hard to untangle it if this happens.

This isn't a problem if you buy a pole that has rings with full rotation. If the wind blows hard, these rings can take the flag right around the pole. It won't wrap around the pole if it can move freely.

To find out more about features to look for in a telescopic pole, contact suppliers of flagpoles. They can help you choose the right pole for your location and needs. They can also give you installation advice and help if you need it.