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3 Reasons to Use Fibre Laser Cutting

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If you provide laser cutting services, then you probably already have different machines that use different laser technologies. If you haven't invested in a fibre laser cutting machine yet, then this is worth considering. What are the benefits of using this cutting solution?

1. Complete Jobs Faster

While laser cutting is typically fast and efficient, you might finish some projects more quickly if you use a fibre laser cutting machine. Fibre lasers can cut very quickly and efficiently, especially if you're working on thinner materials.

The faster you can finish a job, the happier your customers will be. You can also increase productivity and take on more work.

2. Get Better Results

Some laser cutting techniques produce better finishes and results than others. Sometimes, you get very precise cuts but your final results don't look perfect.

For example, you sometimes end up with some heat damage or impact stress around cuts. If the laser can't be precisely controlled, the edges of the cuts or the surrounding areas of the metal might get damaged.

Fibre laser cutting machines make very precise cuts. They have better quality beams that increase accuracy even on thicker metals. You reduce the risk of heating up surrounding areas because the laser cuts quickly and effectively the first time.

Plus, you can use the machine to make cuts that are closer together without causing any significant damage. This also helps reduce wastage. You can get more pieces out of a single sheet of metal with a fibre laser cutting machine than you might with other lasers.

So, you produce high-quality work. If you reduce wastage, you can reduce job costs which makes you more competitive.

3. Reduce Maintenance and Servicing Costs

Laser cutting machines often contain a lot of delicate and moving parts. They require regular servicing. You'll also have to keep an eye out for damage.

Their lasers can also be damaged by some materials. For example, if you cut reflective metals like brass and copper, then the material's reflections can damage the cutter.

Fibre laser cutters have fewer parts. They don't need to use mirrors or moving parts to make their cuts. If you reduce the number of parts in play, you reduce the risk of needing a repair. Plus, you can use a fibre laser cutting machine on reflective metals. They won't pose a threat.

So, your machine will run more efficiently. You're likely to have lower maintenance and servicing costs than you do with your other laser cutters.

To learn more, contact laser cutting machine manufacturers or suppliers.