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How To Choose And Install An Automatic Gate

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An automatic gate will improve your home security and the convenience at which you access your house. Choosing and installing an automatic gate can be quite challenging. Below is an extract discussing how to choose and install an automatic gate

Gate Considerations

One of your concerns when installing an automatic gate in your home is the design of the gate. Ideally, the gate's design should complement the exterior of your home. You may want to check strata bylaws and planning regulations to determine if you are compelled to install a specific gate. Also, your gate should not be too heavy. Otherwise, you risk exhausting the gate opener. You should also consider the gate's opening mechanism. Sliding gates are considered the safest and easiest to install. These gates do not encounter gravitational forces during operation. Besides, they cannot be affected by strong winds. 

Gate Opener

The gate opener is an electronic device that automates the opening and closing of your gate. When choosing a gate opener, consider the following: 

What is the power of the gate's motor? It should be powerful enough to close and open the gate with ease. Besides, you should check the motor's speed. A slow motor could be a security risk since the gate will take too long to open and close.

How do you activate the gate opener? Most openers will have a remote fob. However, the gate should have an alternative access mode such as a digital keypad or fingerprint scanner.

Ideally, the gate should have a backup battery to be used when you do not have power in your home.

The gate opener should have adequate safety features. For instance, an auto-reverse function reverses a closing gate once it detects an object.

Consider manufacturers that offer warranties and guarantees on their gate openers. If you intend to purchase the opener online, consider sellers with a friendly return policy. 

Automatic Gate Installation

Automatic gates should be installed by skilled professionals. Conduct some internet research or consult with friends to identify accredited installers in your area. The professional should assess your home and determine how best to conduct the installation works. Besides, he or she should train you on how to operate and maintain the automatic gate. For instance, you should clean the track and lubricate the moving parts. Besides, you should regularly test the auto-reverse function. 

Choosing and installing an automatic gate should now be a straightforward task. Observe the recommended tips when choosing a gate and gate opener. Besides, hire an experienced installer to fix the system.