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Why Use Waste Oil Collection Units in Your Food Processing Plant?

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If you produce and supply fried foods to your customers, then you are likely to get through a lot of cooking oil in your plant. Disposing of used oil isn't an easy job. You know you can't simply pour it down the drain because it is bad for your plumbing and the environment. So, you may be looking at waste oil collection services.

These services offer different solutions to meet different customer needs. If you use fryers a lot, then it makes sense to connect a collection unit to them. How does this work and why should you choose this option?

How Do Oil Collectors Work With Fryers?

If you set up a direct connection between an oil collection unit and your fryers, then discarded oil goes directly from the fryers to the unit. This generally works on a pump system. So, when the oil in a fryer is done and needs replacing, you simply hit the pump's switch. It then takes the oil out of the fryer automatically and feeds it down its hose to a storage unit. Once the fryer is empty, you can clean it if you need to and then put in fresh oil. The old oil sits in the storage tank until your waste oil collection company comes to take it away.

Why Connect an Oil Collection Unit to Your Fryers?

Manually emptying out old fryer oil and storing it for disposal is a messy and time-consuming job. Someone has to empty the oil into a receptacle and then carry it to your waste storage tank to pour it away. This isn't a pleasant job. It's hard to do without getting oil splatters on your clothes. Old oil is also smelly and unpleasant to handle. Plus, you have to find time to do this job. If you ask an employee to empty out your fryers, then they can't do their normal work until they are done. You also have to wait for the oil to cool down before it can be handled safely.

Manual disposal also comes with some risks. If someone spills oil on the floor as they dispose of it, then someone else could easily slip and fall. If you connect a collection system to your fryers directly, then you make life a lot easier. The system empties fryers automatically at the touch of a button. It can even work with hot oil, so you won't have to wait to clean a fryer out. You'll reduce spillages and accidents. The system is fully enclosed so the oil won't end up on your employees or on the floor.

To find out more about your disposal options, contact waste oil collection companies in your area.